BYI (before you interact)

know these stuff before you interact me!

  • I have angry issues when i get mad,I went very rude and say bad shit to you
  • I can lost my patience quickly pls don't annoying me
  • I can be pissed off at stupid things
  • I ship "contradictory" ships (like rivals ships,villains X heros,ships with characters who knew few or don't interact sm and etc (no this not include pedo,zoo,abusive/toxic and etc ships these ships are disgusting)
  • I can act immature and dumb sometimes
  • I can be jealous at ppl like how they gain attention than me and stuff
  • I am attention seeker I like attention,I can try to you pay attention on me
  • i can be slow at understand things also i can't know if someone was joking or not due of my autism so be patient with me
  • I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use tone tags for me to understand easily
  • i tell sexual jokes if you are uncomfortably with it,I can stop or I don't will do that in front with you
  • don't show or send irl gore on me I am pretty sensitive on that
  • also don't send irl porn either (I am minor)
  • my English,Portuguese and Spanish have bad grammar (I'm sorry if you don't understand when I say)
  • I can act sensitive sometimes
  • pls don't add me on a discourse
  • I'm not a proshipper,neither a anti but I'm against harassment because harassment is never reasonable
  • I'm cringe as fuck
  • I can be very shy
  • before rp with Me pls don't add me with rps of irl ppl,erp,hate speech and etc
  • I am radinclus I am pro good faith identities (like mspec lesbians/says,lesboys/turigirls and etc) also I am pro-endo too,but I'm OK with anti-good faith identities and anti-endos interact with me as long they don't went asshole (I am a omni gaybian enbian lesboy turigirl to you know)
  • I draw nipples on my characters/Canon characters,both with tits or not I'm not gonna censor it also nipples are not sexual as long is intended to be both with boobs or not,to you know me drawing characters with nipples are never intended as sexual and never will be
  • pls don't break my boundaries,respect it
  • I use slurs that I can reclaim like r slur,f slur,d slur and t slur,if you feel uncomfortable with it I don't will say it in front with you
  • also i don't care if you slurs as long you can reclaim or don't call ppl on slurs
  • don't label my recent short animations as animation memes not all animation with musics with short duration is not animation memes and don't call my "animation memes" as animation memes I don't want to put "meme" on title anyone because I don't want to be associated with the animation meme community anymore,I'm kinda distancing with this community but i still interact with ppl on community
  • i don't give a fuck the age to interact with me,but be aware my content is not suitable for under 12/13 and they are listed on content warnings
  • I like some "problematic" media like South Park,hazbin hotel and shit,if you are uncomfortable with it I recommend to don't interact with me (btw I DON'T SUPPORT SOME PROBLEMATIC CREATORS)
  • I do support alex kister,if you don't that's fine (before you will throw rocks at me,alex is innocent not 100% but still,also the doc is fake he is not a groomer,pedophile or everything yes he was shitty partner but the relationship issue should to be resolved in private in first place,not in public)
  • keep in mind my mental health isn't one of the Best,so pls be kind on me!!


respect my DNI if you are these on the list you will get blocked

  • basic DNI criteria
  • LGBT exclusionists
  • anti-furries,anti-therians,anti-otherkin and etc
  • supports cringe culture
  • proshippers/anti-antis,darkshippers and etc
  • if you think drawing fictional CP,feral NSFW and etc is OK (you are all creeps)
  • pro-para,pro-contact and anti-recovery
  • radqueers/xenosatanists/PRATs (you disgusting me...)
  • pro-life/anti-abortion
  • anti-age regression/anti-age dreaming and anti-pet regression/anti-pet dreaming
  • NFTs supporters
  • AI "art" supporters
  • super religious ppl (mainly on Christians/catholic ones)
  • anti-MOGAI
  • if you do offensive jokes like ř4p3 and shit (dark humor have limits you know!)
  • romanticize/glorifies serial killers and school shooters (this is not normal and never will be...)
  • neo-nazis/romanticizes nazism
  • transIDs (mainly on transharmfuls)
  • if you believe "fiction doesn't affects reality" (IT ACTUALLY AFFECTS)
  • boundaries breakers (mainly who disrespect crewdela ones)
  • transmisandrists and transmisogynists
  • believes ppl who have schizophrenia,PTSD and etc are bad ppl and killers
  • believes "narc abuse","bpd abuse" and etc bullshit and/or demonizates cluster b disorders
  • spreads misinformation about hyperfixations/special interests/permafixations
  • believes satanists are people who worship satan and kill children and animals for sacrifice and other misinformation shit (please RESEARCH IT)
  • judges ppl's interests
  • zionists and anti-palestine
  • do shipping wars
  • problematic in general
  • don't believe DID/OSDD/UDD and etc exists
  • use slurs what you can't reclaim
  • hate people just because they can't control
  • enjoys IRL gore (also you say "Oh it don't scared me" and thinks this normal) (pls get help)
  • ships irl people (you are in real life bitch)
  • treats being problematic as aesthetic or think cool,cute or quicky
  • anti-religious ppl (mainly on anti-christians/anti-catholics)


i feel uncomfortable with it but you can interact (WITH CAUTION)

  • ppl who use the replacing s to z typing quirk
  • 4chan ocs or who have 4chan cilp
  • gore site based or have gore site logo on ocs's faces

DI (do interact)

pls interact with me

  • furries
  • therians/otherkins
  • who want to befriend me
  • anti-radqueers/anti-PRATs
  • mlp fans,bluey fans,twf fans,pokemon fans,tmc fans and etc
  • have same interests as me
  • queer ppl,xenogender and neopronouns pals
  • systems
  • neurodivergent ppl
  • radinclus/critinclus
  • scenes and emos
  • gore and horror lovers (NO IRL GORE ONES PLZ)
  • who loves 80's/90's/2000's/2010's aesthetics
  • and etc


these stuff might trigger you

  • blood/gore
  • swearing
  • drugs and alcoholism
  • death (mainly on child and animal death)
  • murder (mainly on child and animal murder too)
  • flash and bright colors
  • kidnapping
  • religious themes
  • creepy/uncanny images
  • suicide/SH
  • EDs
  • abuse
  • trauma
  • suggestive lyrics/themes
  • horror and body horror
  • discrimination
  • trypophobia
  • guns
  • and other shit